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Facebook Discloses Its Plan To Shut Down Bonfire App

Facebook revealed its decision to shut down Bonfire, which is its replica of the group video chat app named Houseparty. Reportedly, this app works as a virtual hangout for its users in a group. As per the latest report by The Verge this week, Bonfire, the clone app that the social media firm stated testing in 2017, is supposed to stop working this month. For Android users, this app had been introduced in the same year.

In a statement, Facebook proclaimed that it will be ending backing for the Bonfire tests in May 2019. The firm added that it will incorporate elements of what it learned into other present and prospect products. The app began trials in Denmark in 2017, after the popularity of Houseparty, which is a synchronous group video chat.

On a similar note, with Europe’s Parliamentary elections coming later this month, Facebook disclosed that it has set up an operations room. Reportedly, these operation rooms will be used by the social media firm to monitor for fake accounts, misinformation, and election interference violating the site’s rules. The latest effort by the popular social media giant is intended to stop the types of wide-scale campaigns that might influence elections.

Reportedly, the room is similar to the room that Facebook formed ahead of 2018 U.S. midterm elections back in October 2018, as well as in Brazil elections, which the firm closed at the end of November 2018. Facebook as well set up a comparable center in Delhi, ahead of 2019 elections in India. The reports highlight that this novel room is situated at Facebook’s European headquarters in Ireland. It will be open through the duration of the forthcoming elections, which will be held between May 23, and May 26, 2019.

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